Business information

Hello. Does anyone know the purpose of that business information thing in Publisher?

  • Lou75 7/11/2017, 9:06:32 AM

    Hey. As the name itself suggests, tey are used to store/insert/use business info :)

  • Dennis38 7/11/2017, 9:06:57 AM

    But what can I use it for?

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Answer: 1

Imagine you're making 100 envelope labels and you want to have your company's logo or address on each of them. You'd have had to manually type or copy all this info 100 times. With that tool you mentioned, you just insert the Address field  on one lable, copy it 100 times and done, your address is on each of them.

3 years ago
3 years ago
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  • Dennis38 7/11/2017, 9:08:02 AM

    It seems to be quite useful, but can I use it for business related information only? Wouldn't it be possible to insert some private ata there as well?

  • WhiteKnight 7/11/2017, 9:08:30 AM

    It's perfectly possible, you can enter whatever you want. Go to the Edit business info command or something to the effect and change stuff.

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