Online and Offline over and over again

When I'm using outlook (Win 10 Pro x64), the statuses are constantly changing, the program's connecting and then it just switches off. Has anyone ever encountered such a problem. You guys have any solutions?

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Do you have a stable internet connection?

2 years ago
2 years ago
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  • aforce66 6/20/2017, 9:05:34 AM

    Sure, my gmail email works just fine and I don't get any error messages when surfing in the Web, the only thing I've got problems with is that Outlook.

  • RCFProd 6/20/2017, 9:09:59 AM

    Try manually switching to Offline mode and then back to Online, maybe that'll do the trick.

  • aforce66 6/20/2017, 9:20:49 AM

    There's some progress but now the program's changing statuses whenever it want to.

  • RCFProd 6/20/2017, 9:22:08 AM

    Have you tried automatically configuring the account againg?

  • aforce66 6/20/2017, 9:23:22 AM

    Nope. Dunno where this can be done.

  • RCFProd 6/20/2017, 9:24:41 AM

    In the Control panel, there are some settings concerning your mailbox, just go to them and remove your current Outlook profile. Now, run Outlok and go through the automatic configuration process. That should help.

  • aforce66 6/20/2017, 9:25:32 AM

    So much fuss. When one'd expect it to be clearly visible, it always has to be hidden somewhere. Thanks though, that helped.

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