OnexStore Premium

OnexStore Premium is an e-learning platform enriched with elements of gamification.

We provide users with access to specialistic Microsoft trainings available online as well as a whole community of experts.

  • Online trainings developed by experts

  • The greatest base of knowledge

  • Direct access to Microsoft experts

By using OnexStore Premium, you gain access to
  • 4

    Microsoft products

  • 256

    Training topics

  • 20h


  • 1

    Experts' advice

How OnexStore Premium works?

Your activity = Free access to trainings

Although users need to pay for access to a majority of our trainings, they also have a possibility to access them for free in exchange for the points received as a result of their activity.

How to do it

  1. Solve correctly the tests included with free training topics.
  2. Collected points will grant you a distinction which you can use to obtain a code serving to unlock another training topic.
  3. Using the received code, unlock another topic and solve the test assigned to it.
  4. Perfectly solved tests are awarded with additional points. When you collect more points you will receive badges.
  5. As a result of your activity, you will be listed in our daily rankings, which will also give you some extra points.
  6. You are awarded with special bonuses for participating in the Networking forum, your activity and comments. At the same time, you are constantly receiving points, badges and distinctions.
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